A New Concept in London Walking Tours.

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Edgar's Walking Guides are a new concept in tours of London. With these enjoyable walks you can experience a series of self-guided tours that have been carefully mapped out and planned to ensure that you discover and experience so much more than you would be able to on a standard sightseeing tour.

Armed with an Edgar pocket-sized guide, you can leave behind the busy main roads, and set off on a voyage of genuine discovery, as you delve into the hidden and tucked away streets where many fantastic and enchanting surprises await you.

From the sinister alleyways where Jack the Ripper once lurked, to the time-locked lanes that have changed little, if at all, since Charles Dickens knew them, walked them and wrote about them. From the creepy and eerie locations where ghosts have been seen and are known to lurk, to the courtyards and passageways that William Shakespeare would still recognise were he to find his way into the modern age.

And, with Edgar as your enthusiastic and knowledgeable on the page guide, you really will see more, do more and learn more, as you venture into parts of London that other guides simply do not reach.


Convenient Starts, Awesome Routes and Sensible End Points.

Every Edgar walking tour begins outside an underground station, so getting to the start point is as easy as jumping on a tube or a bus and heading to the start point.

In pacing out the walks, we have ensured that the route you will take is both enjoyable and memorable. We've crammed so much into each tour that your head will be spinning on your shoulders with all the things to look at and experience.

There are plenty of places - such as picturesque gardens and tranquil churchyards - to sit and rest, as well as a fair smattering of pubs and other venues inside which you can seek refreshment or warmth, depending on the time of year you are undertaking the walk.

Each tour also ends at a location - it might be a pub, museum or exhibition - that fits in with the theme of your tour, and here you will be able to relax and reflect upon the many intriguing places you have been to and the fascinating facts you have uncovered.

The Exterior of the George Inn in Southwark..

It's Your Tour, and You Set the Pace

With an Edgar Walking Guide, you have in your hands the key to unlocking the many and varied sites and sights that help make London a place to savour and enjoy.

But, at the same time, you set the pace for the walking tour you are undertaking. You can start the tour at a time that suits you. You can do the tour at your own pace. You can pause to sit down when you feel like it, or dip into an historic pub to rest your feet and enjoy a refreshing libation. Should the weather turn nasty, you can quit the tour for that day, and then return at a later date to finish it.

In short, it will be your tour, done at a pace that suits you and your friends and/or family with whom you have chosen to explore. You can even just do it on your own. And in these times of uncertainty, given that so many people cannot currently London, with every Edgar's Guide packed full of history, facts and illuminating illustrations, you can even sit at home and take the tour from the comfort of you armchair.

Edgar's Guides Explained

But You're Not On Your Own

But, you won't be on your own thanks to our unique and trailblazing style. We've already walked the routes over and over again to ensure that every direction is clear, that every location is accessible, and that evey tour is crammed with "Wow" moments that will make for an inspiring, memorable and enjoyable experience.

To that end, every one of Edgar's Walking Guides is so much more than just another guide book. You also receive a PDF of the book, which will be updated whenever things change and you will then be notified that an updated version of the guide you have purchased is available. In addition, we will provide you with access to videos of all the stops on your tour so that you can view before you do and get a real feel for the area you will be exploring.

So Get Your Walking Shoes Ready

With so much to discover and experience, there's no time like the present to get those walking shoes on and get out and about on the streets of London.

So, check out the wonderful selection of walks that Edgar has to offer and let these detailed guides unlock the secrets of a City that has spent 2,000 years preparing for your visit.

Pip, pip!

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